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Tips to Choosing a Perfect Caterer For Your Special Day

Tis the season! To be merry and well… eat! The holidays can be extremely stressful and delicious, but what if you can make it just delicious? Those of you who want to hire a caterer during the holidays may be scratching your head as to how to pick a caterer amongst the many talented venues, but we want to help narrow down your selection.


First, you will need to determine your budget. What would the typical holiday meal cost? It is important to do your research on pricing and set your budget from there. When you speak with catering companies, make sure to ask what is included in their package— what sides does it include? Do they include drinks? Be transparent with your caterer about your budget so they can see how they can customize a package for you.


Depending on your guests, you may have dietary restrictions or food allergies. Do they offer gluten free options, how do they cater to someone with nut allergies? If you have guests with specific needs, it is important to find a caterer that can be flexible.


Communication is key! How responsive is your caterer to your questions and needs? Cooking for a venue of people is one thing, but it is important for you and your caterer to be on the same page. What does the schedule look like? How in depth did they review the contract with you? Entering a contract with the right expectations builds a strong working relationship and positive experience with the service.


What type of event are you planning? If you are having an elegant event, a caterer that has more of a casual dining experience may not be best suited for this event. As mentioned, do your research on the caterer, and make sure you read their reviews first. You want to find a caterer that will be perfect for you and your event.

Carefully choosing the perfect caterer will be worth it! Save time (and hopefully some money) by being thorough with your selection. The holidays are here, and it’s important to get a jump start on making your holiday meal plans so you can stress less and eat more! At Arbor House, we absolutely love catering holiday events, and we want to make sure we keep your festive goals in mind as our priority.

Happy Holidays!

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