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A January Update from Arbor House


To provide more seating for our guests, we have enclosed the screened in patio with insulated marine vinyl curtains. This new installation is perfect in any season. In the hot smoky summer or dead of winter, the area is comfortable for dining. We can open it up to let a fresh breeze come in, or close it down and turn on the heater. If we're getting too much natural sunlight, we can also provide shade with the beautiful new twinkle curtains. Also available for private parties. Come check them out!


Our Newest Appetizer! Have you ever tried a Blini? There are many variations- but beware. These savory little Russian style pancakes are mouth watering, and you can't just have one bite. We are serving ours with always fresh and lavish ingredients: Caviar and Dill Creme Frache.

VALENTINE'S DAY MARK YOUR CALENDAR WE WILL BE OPEN MONDAY, Feb 14th Normally, we are closed Mondays, but not for this lovely day!! Arbor House is the perfect place to spend Valentine's Day with your sweetheart. Call now at 541-535-6817 to reserve your spot for a romantic evening for you and your honey to enjoy food made with love! WE CATER TO YOUR NEEDS Literally! What type of event are you planning? What cuisine were you thinking? How many guests? Like we always say, choose Arbor House to caterer that special event, it will be so worth it!! We pay extra attention to your needs and prefer all of our clients to be involved with creating the menu. It's important to get a jump start on making your catering plans so you can stress less and eat more! At Arbor House, we absolutely love catering corporate events, weddings, birthdays, and more. Any size, big or small. Book a consult with us today! Happy New Year! Let's Eat!

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