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​​When things are local, they taste better.

In life, so many things need a good foundation to be its absolute best, such as your house, a relationship, or a good pair of pants. Another one of these fundamental foundations is fresh, quality ingredients for our recipes. You can not only taste, but also experience the difference when each piece of the puzzle that makes up a dish comes from a quality source.

This is why we love working with Black Barn Farm located in Applegate, Oregon, right down the road from us in Talent. Black Barn Farm puts so much time and energy into caring for and growing the best produce they can. They’re local and small which saves travel time and enables us to capture ingredients we need at peak ripeness and therefore peak taste for you, our guest. Plus supporting small, local businesses in the Rogue Valley is really cool too. Call and book a reservation at Arbor House for your next outing and taste the difference!


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